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How The Box By Roddy Ricch Peaked No.1 On Veva Play

In 2019 Rapper Roddy Ricch Peak at No.1 on Veva Play (Veva Play Top 50). The young talented rapper peaked at a total of 430k Votes on the Top 50 Charts. ''The Box'' by Roddy Ricch is actually the fist song to reach number one on Veva Play. The Box Became in competition with ''Blinding Lights'' a song by The Weeknd who goes by star boy.

a few people from across the globe teamed to help make The Box a Success. Rapper and Marketing Manager Cassius Ellison known as Blazer Barboza discovered Roddy Ricch in 2019. This Person has lead the artist to successful along with Keef Black and Atlantic Records.

Global rapper Meek Meek as well has contributed to ''The Box'' by Roddy Ricch. In Conclusion, Veva Play and the Billboard Hot 100 was the first to tabulated the trending song on the chart.